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When you call Allstar Towing and Recovery for roadside assistance, you will know that we have over thirty years of damage free towing experience, as well as Wreckmaster certified 8/9 AR drivers. Whether you are in mud on the shoulder or median, or have a hazardous load on the verge of flipping over, we will never make the situation worse by guessing. All of our crews have the latest equipment and recovery training. We have trained for almost every conceivable recovery, as certified by Wreckmaster, a national training and certification company for vehicular recovery. You can rest assured that our responders will exercise extreme caution in all situations.

Allstar Enterprises Towing

Offering towing services throughout Northwest Georgia:

Whether you need a tow or recovery in Atlanta or Rome we can provide you with first class roadside assistance with short response times. Allstar towing has multiple wrecker crews available on a 24/7 basis for commercial and non-commercial towing. We can offer everything from unlock services to heavy duty towing up to 65 tons, including multi-vehicle incident responses. Allstar Towing’s roadside assistance crews are also fully certified in HAZMAT control and clean-up procedures as well as being flagging certified and unlock specialists.

Once you are towed, we have a large secure and insured storage site so you can rest assured that your vehicle or load will be where you left it until you can address how you or your insurer wishes to proceed.


Our service offerings include light, medium, and heavy duty towing and recovery including 24 hour roadside assistance throughout Northwest Georgia. We can offer roll off trucks, flatbed services, unlock services and pick up and delivery.

Towing & Recovery
Vehicle Hauling
24 Hour Roadside Service
Heavy Equipment Hauling
Car & Heavy Equipment Storage

Dump Truck Hauling
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Crane Service
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